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Painted Pianos & 88keysdesign

Jade Colour Upright Piano

20 Feb Painted Pianos & 88keysdesign

88keys design in Bath offers a special collection of upright painted pianos to inspire and encourage a new generation of pianists and design enthusiasts alike. We have the finest hand built German Bluthner pianos in an array of finishes, from striking and moody Navy Blue to a barely there Grey. The paint finish gives a contemporary twist to the most perennial of domestic objects, the upright piano. This fresh approach to piano design mirrors the interior design trend for painted kitchens and furniture, and it also recognises the importance of that most versatile of design layers, colour.

Let us first be clear that there is nothing wrong with traditional piano cabinets, in black or wood. However, after 30 years in the piano industry and nothing much progressing in terms of the cabinet choices on offer for customers we felt it was time piano cabinet design moved forwards. When it comes to piano care and maintenance we have a solid background, having spent over thirty years in the industry and being based in the well respected Piano Shop Bath. With 88keys our aim is to restore a sense of adventure and creativity to piano design and help people of all backgrounds to create their dream piano. The piano of your dreams could be a quirky British piano in purple, or perhaps  a classic German piano, finished in grey…whatever your vision, we can make it happen and the end result will be a professionally finished, high quality piano.

As well as 88keys range of painted Bluthner pianos, there is also an inspiring selection of restored painted pianos. Our customers can personally select any piano from our large range, and have it finished in any colour they choose. Or perhaps we already have the right piano for you? we have a striking range of pre painted upright pianos in our showroom, ranging from pink, to grey, to yellow and blue. Our older upright pianos have been given a new lease of life through careful restoration and painting. The pianos are given a professional spray finish in bold, beautiful colours, this results in eye catching pianos that play beautifully and look splendid. For painted piano advice and inspiration why not book a private appointment with 88keysdesign today, the piano design specialists look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and ideas to make 2017 our most creative year yet.