88 Keys | Piano Design, From Art Cases to contemporary Painted Pianos
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Piano Design, From Art Cases to contemporary Painted Pianos

Irridescent Copper Upright PIano

14 Feb Piano Design, From Art Cases to contemporary Painted Pianos


Art Case Pianos & Traditional Piano Building

Creating one off bespoke pianos for individual customers has a prestigious history. There are many examples of beautiful art case pianos that have been built over the years. Often commissioned by the wealthy as a centre piece for the room these pianos were cherished for their beauty as well as their function as musical instruments. Today the tradition continues with Steinway and other notable piano manufacturers such as Bechstein and Bosendorfer who continue to produce limited edition models. And yet, the idea of celebrating the piano as something that can be a centrepiece in its own right seems to have been somewhat eradicated from our culture somewhere between the 1920s and the present day.


The Opening of 88keys Design Studio


This loss of imagination around the design possibilities that are inherent within the piano could be put down to several factors. The decline of the piano as a status symbol which began around the 1950s could be viewed as one, alongside this mass produced upright pianos have been imported from Japan, China and Indonesia for many decades now. Mass produced, for a domestic market these pianos are all about function, form was just secondary to producing good quality pianos. Producing good quality pianos that look very agreeable in black is certainly admirable but it did mean that customers options around piano cabinet finishes sometimes felt a little restricted.

Personalise your piano

88keys design studio aims to reintroduce the concept of the design opportunities that exist within pianos. In our digital age we believe the acoustic piano is as relevant as ever, and we know that there is a huge resource of untapped design potential and creativity within the form of acoustic pianos. We have begun to explore it with outstanding results and aim to deliver pianos that are as unique as our customers. Our specialist design team have over 30 years experience in the piano industry as well as a personal background in design. We will work with you, guiding you through the design process, the end result will be a bespoke piano that is beautiful on the inside and outside.