88 Keys | Sculpted Silver Upright Piano
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Sculpted Silver Upright Piano

Scultped Silver Upright Piano

The Sculpted Silver Upright Piano is a striking instrument with a finish that is tactile, crisp and organic. This metallic finish has a tough, protective nano-coating and the piano would sit as it would in a traditional environment as it does in a contemporary one. As a pianist’s instrument, the Sculpted Silver Upright Piano is wonderful to play, having a bright and extremely expressive tone, strong bass tones and a very responsive touch.

The piano is essentially a Yamaha U3 upright. It has a powerful, rich and resonant tone and light, playable action. The height of the instrument allows for very long bass strings, as long as most baby grand pianos, which gives this instrument a full sound. For an instrument of this size and power, the piano’s action is consistent, refined and responsive, allowing precise control when playing pianissimo – this isn’t a ‘loud piano’, it’s a piano which produces a fine, controlled tone across the full range of expression. The sturdy build quality makes this piano a reliable, long-lived instrument that will continue to play well for a lifetime.

Sculpted Silver Upright Piano

Make your piano play itself with PianoDisc

We can install PianoDisc systems on our pianos in order for your piano to effectively play itself, entertaining the passing public in a hotel lobby or family and friends in your living room. We can install a range of systems including those using a simple flash drive, setups which will allow you use your iPad or iPod to make your piano play your favourite piano music or more immersive installations with video.

Piano Disc Systems