88 Keys | Antique Gold Grand Piano
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Antique Gold Grand Piano

Antique Gold-finished Grand Piano

Our Antique Gold Grand Piano is, first and foremost, a superb musical instrument. It both looks and feels like a masterpiece: a unique piano that has luxurious sensibilities and a grandeur rarely seen in modern pianos.

This piano is effectively a Kawai RX-3 Professional Grand Piano and is impressive dignified elegance and distinct tone evoke the qualities of a much larger grand piano. It boasts power and projection for the professional, and a delicate tonal quality and responsiveness for the skilled musician in the home or in a public space.

With the luxurious finish we have given this piano, it becomes not only an exquisite sounding instrument, but a stunning piece of art-work.

Antique Gold-finished Grand Piano

Make your piano play itself with PianoDisc

We can install PianoDisc systems on our pianos in order for your piano to effectively play itself, entertaining the passing public in a hotel lobby or family and friends in your living room. We can install a range of systems including those using a simple flash drive, setups which will allow you use your iPad or iPod to make your piano play your favourite piano music or more immersive installations with video.

Piano Disc Systems