88 Keys | Metal-finished Pianos
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Metal-finished Pianos

We take some of the finest pianos in the world and work with our clients to create one-off pieces: luxury pianos that are finished in a creative array of metals and textures.

Contact us to find out how we can work with you.

Silver and Gold

Antique Gold Grand Piano

Scultped Silver Upright Piano

Sculpted Silver Upright Piano

88 Keys Metal Finishes

88 Keys Metal finishes for pianos

We offer a wide range of metal finishes, which can be expertly applied to any of our pianos, new or secondhand, to suit your space or interior design project. All our high-quality finishes are expertly applied by technicians to the highest quality and are given a nano-coating to ensure robustness and a long life.

We can also work with you to craft a unique finish to your requirements.

Make your piano play itself with PianoDisc

We can install PianoDisc systems on our pianos in order for your piano to effectively play itself, entertaining the passing public in a hotel lobby or family and friends in your living room. We can install a range of systems including those using a simple flash drive, setups which will allow you use your iPad or iPod to make your piano play your favourite piano music or more immersive installations with video.

Piano Disc Systems