88 Keys | Colour-finished Painted Pianos
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Colour-finished Painted Pianos

We offer a wide range of colour finishes for both high-quality new instruments and unique secondhand and antique pianos. Experts finish our colour-finished and painted pianos and our secondhand and antique pianos are fully renovated to the highest standards.

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Colour-finished Blüthner upright piano

New Colour-finished Haessler Pianos from Blüthner

Our Haessler colour-finished pianos are the expertly crafted, upright pianos, manufactured by Blüthner. They provide both an extremely responsive touch and a wonderfully warm, resonant tone that is perfectly balanced across the whole register.

Painted blue upright piano

Secondhand and Antique Colour-finished Pianos

88 Keys’ colour-finished pianos are unique secondhand or antique pianos, which we fully renovate in our workshop to the highest standards and professionally finish with a colour or colours of your choice.